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Dealing with Dog Allergies 

Just as humans can have allergies, dogs can have allergies also.  Many people are familiar with this as it is actually a common occurrence.  Other times, however, a dog can suffer with allergies for many years and their owners are unaware of it or do not understand what to do about it.  Here are some suggestions that will help your dog to live a more comfortable life, even when it has allergies. 

Allergies are reactions to things in the environment around us.  Many times they are things that are seasonal and nature, such as pollen.  At other times we may find that our dogs are allergic to something unnatural in the environment around them.  They may even be allergic to the food that you are feeding them.  How do these allergies develop, and how can we stop them from becoming too much of a problem? 

Often times allergies are caused by becoming sensitized to an allergen.  Your dog may be exposed to something for a long time before it actually starts to have an allergic reaction to it.  One common thing that dogs are allergic to is fleas.  Your dog could be fine with having fleas and only scratch occasionally.  Over time, however, your dog could become sensitized to the fleas and begin to scratch much more.  The danger really happens whenever your dog starts to dig and scratch at itself so much that it causes a sore to develop.  At this point it is difficult to treat because you can't reason with a dog not to scratch where it itches. 

Another problem with your dog having allergies is that they will tend to get worse over time.  If you notice that your dog is scratching and biting at itself during a certain time of year then more than likely the problem will become worse year after year.  That is why it is important to make sure that you get the problem treated at the first sign of it.  By doing this you will ensure that your dog is not uncomfortable simply because you waited too long to do something about it. 

So what can you do about dog allergies once you know that your dog has them? One of the first things that you should try to do is to either remove the dog from the problem, or remove the problem from your dog.  In the case of fleas, for example, it would be a good idea to treat your home and the dog on a regular basis.  In some parts of the world fleas are a seasonal problem but in other parts of the world they are a problem year-round.  Diligent effort on your part may be needed to ensure that your dog is comfortable. 

One final thing that you can try to do is to see if there is a medicine that your dog can take that would ease its discomfort.  This is part of being a dog owner, making sure that your dog is well taken care of where it cannot take care of itself.  So ensure that your dog is as comfortable as possible, especially when it comes to allergies.


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