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Making Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise

One thing that is very important for your dog is that it gets enough exercise.  Especially if we work outside the home our dogs tend to lie around all day waiting for us to get there.  This tends to create an exercise deficiency in our dogs which we need to be conscious of.  It can not only create an obese dog, it can create a problem dog which does things that are considered bad simply because it does not have an outlet for its energy.  Here are some doggy exercise basics for you to consider. 

Most people think that it is necessary to have a huge yard in order for our dogs to get the exercise that they need.  While it is nice to have a large yard for your dog to run around in, they really do not need that much space in order to get their exercise.  Of course if you have a large, active dog it is a good idea to let him run.  For most dogs, however, a good brisk wall on a leash will suffice.  Dogs can also get a large amount of exercise just from chasing a ball, either inside the house if there is room, or by tossing it a short distance in the backyard. 

Most dogs have what I like to call an exercise deficiency.  Conversely, most humans also have this exercise deficiency.  That is why we are a society of overweight people that tend to have overweight dogs.  Not only do you have to watch out for your dog's diet, but if you want a healthy dog you will also have to make sure that it gets adequate exercise.  In order to make sure that your dog is getting the exercise that it needs you will have to schedule certain times every day in order to play with it.  Not only will your dog benefit from the activity, but you will also benefit from the extra activity in your life. 

Many times dogs have what are considered behavioral problems.  These problems can be manifested by such things as chewing, scratching, or just generally tearing things up.  A dog will not be bad on its own, in most cases, but if it has too much energy it will tend to use up this energy in bad pursuits.  Before you think that you need to take your dog off to some extra obedience classes, try giving it additional exercise to see if that helps the problem. 

Don't think that you need to start exercising your dog for an hour every day.  If, at first, you can only get out for 10 to 15 minutes per day your dog will benefit from this as well.  Learn to recognize what your dog wants and needs as far as exercise goes.  You will be surprised at how far a little doggy workout can go. 

By insuring that you are giving your dog the adequate exercise that it needs you are not only helping it to be a better behaved and happier dog, you are helping it to live a longer and fuller life.  Your dog will give you all the love that you need in your life.  Help to ensure that it will live a long life by giving it the exercise that it needs.

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