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Should You Supplement Your Dog's Diet?

Many people who are pet owners are very concerned about their dog's health and welfare.  It is not unusual for people to spend a lot of time and a large amount of money in order to take care of the dogs that they love so much.  This is true not only in the area of health care, but also in what we feed our dogs.  Although there are some people who make their own dog food and are very interactive when it comes to feeding their dog, many people try to give their dogs the nutrition that they need by feeding them out of a bag that they buy from the store.  While it is possible for your dog to be sustained from what it eats out of a bag there are always concerns about whether it is getting the proper nutrition and everything that it needs to live a long and healthy life. 

There are several reasons why you might want to supplement your dog's diet.  There are things that you can give your dog to make their coat shinier and healthier, supplements that will help your dog digest its food better, or supplements that might help your dog if it has a particular medical condition.  Further research may be necessary if your dog has special needs but here are some all-around suggestions for how you might supplement your dog's diet.

 In order for your dog to have a healthy and shiny coat it needs to have the right type of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals in its diet.  You can buy supplements that contain all of these things and that will help your dog's coat not only to be shiny, but might help keep your dogs skin from becoming dry.  These types of supplements may curb shedding to some degree as well.  Certain types of fatty acids may also help with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. 

What about feeding your dog table scraps?  This is long been debated and it may be difficult to resist your dog when they are sitting by your side as you're eating.  Although it's not really good doggy etiquette for them to be begging, sometimes it is just difficult to resist those pleading eyes.  Are you really doing your dog any favors, though, by feeding them scraps off of the table?  Actually you may be doing more harm than you realize.  Giving your dog things to eat that you would not eat yourself is just not a good idea and a dog should not live off of a cooked food diet.  So put the table scraps where they belong, in the trash, and give your dog a healthy treat instead. 

All in all it is a good idea to supplement your dog's diet in order to make sure that they are getting all of the proper nutrition that they need.  By feeding your dog the right kind of food (not the food that is on sale this week) and supplementing its diet in a healthy way your dog can live a fuller and longer life.  That is good for your dog and good for the owner because we would all like to have our dogs around for as long as possible.


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