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Choosing the Right Dog Toy

We all want to see our dogs have fun.  It is difficult to go to a pet store and not want to buy every toy that is there for your dog.  This can get rather costly, however, and keeps most of us from buying too many.  Whenever you are trying to choose a toy for your dog there are several different things that you should keep in mind.  Of course the cost of the item will always come to mind, but that is really only one consideration.  Here is how to choose a good toy for your dog.

One of the main things that you will want to consider is the personality of your dog when you're choosing a dog toy.  Some dogs are more active than others and may want a toy that you can throw and they can chase after.  Other dogs just like to lie around and chew on something.  Make sure that you get a toy that matches your own dog's personality.  For the type that likes to chase something I like toys that are shaped somewhat like a Frisbee.  This gives you the opportunity to throw the toy for a longer distance and also provides a dog with a thin area where they can grab it with their mouth.  If your dog just likes to lie around and chew on something you'll want a toy that is very durable.  Most of the times I will pick up a Kong toy because they are practically indestructible.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is whether the dog will be playing with a toy when it is unsupervised.  If you will not be around to watch your dog while it has the toy then you need to make certain that it will not be able to chew off part of the toy as this will become a choking hazard.  There are some indestructible toys out there which you can give your dog to play with while you are not home.  Again, I like the Kong line of toys because they are so durable.  Not only that, but you can hide food or treats inside the Kong to keep your dog busy while you're not around.  Don't think, however, that it is impossible for your dog to get hurt with one of these toys.  I remember a news article from not too long ago where a dog swallowed one of these toys whole!

One thing that you should be aware of, however, never give your dog a tennis ball to play with.  Tennis balls are for playing tennis, not for playing with your dog.  There have been many cases where tennis balls have exploded inside of a dog's mouth because of the pressure and have ended up choking a dog to death.  If you insist on using a tennis ball then check the pet store for an alternative toy that is shaped in a similar fashion but safe for your dog to play with.

Remember that with everything your dog is counting on you to take care of it.  It does not have the ability to choose a toy on its own so make sure you make the best choice for your dog.


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