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Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Many people think that a dog can eat anything.  But just as some things are not healthy for you to eat, there are also things that are unhealthy for dogs to eat.  The real difference is that most people are able to eat some things that are really not good for them and get away with it, while a dog can actually really get hurt by eating the wrong foods.  Of course it is always better to feed your dog the right food all of the time and not let it get away with taking food out of the trash can or feeding it from the table.  But there are times when a owner may feel that they want to give their dogs a special treat.  Here are some of the foods that you should avoid giving your dog at any time. 

One of the main things, that many people are familiar with already, is that you should never feed your dog chocolate.  What most people don't know is that it is a chemical in the caffeine that is in the chocolate that is dangerous for the dog.  You should, therefore, avoid any caffeinated beverages or food including tea and coffee as well as avoiding chocolate.

 Many people give their dog some alcohol from time to time.  In fact some dogs really enjoy drinking beer.  I have known several in my life that were given beer on a regular basis.  A dog should never have alcohol, however, as it can not only intoxicate the dog, but it could easily put it into a comma or kill it!  Remember that a dog has a much smaller body weight than a human.  Giving your dog even one beer could be like you drinking 12.  Of course this will depend on the size of your dog. 

You should never feed your dog raisins or grapes because of a toxin that is found in them.  Although grapes and raisins are good for humans they are very bad for your dog.  You should also never give your dog macadamia nuts as they can be very toxic to your dog as well. 

Make sure that you avoid giving your dog too much raw food.  Many people feed their dog a raw vegetarian diet which is actually very good for the dog.  What you would want to avoid are things such as raw eggs, or raw fish.  Do not ever feed your dog milk or any dairy products.  Any products made from dairy are generally difficult to digest and many dogs are lactose intolerant. 

There are, of course, other things that you should never feed your dog.  Many times it is a matter of common sense.  For example, you would never feed your dog scraps off of a table that you would not eat.  You would also not want to allow your dog to get in to the trash as it could get some rotten food out that would make it very sick.  Just make sure that you take care of your dog in all ways including making sure that it eats a healthy diet.



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