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What Are You Going to Feed Your New Puppy?

Congratulations on getting your new puppy.  You are about to embark on a wonderful journey that will last for many years.  Puppies give us a lot of love and they grow up into dogs who give us even more love so it is reasonable to conclude that you would want to feed your new puppy the best food that you can.  With so many different choices out there for what you can feed your new friend it is difficult sometimes to understand what the differences are.  Here are some suggestions to help you to make an informed and wise decision in feeding your new puppy.

One thing that you are going to notice about your new puppy is that it is just a total dynamic a ball of energy.  That energy needs to have a source, and that is the food that you feed it.  That is why it is so important to feed your new puppy the proper food so that it can maintain the energy level that needs, as well as to grow.  And grow it will!  Puppies grow at an alarming rate, especially when they are part of a large breed family.  So it is very important that you make sure that you are giving your new puppy all the nutrients and energy that it needs by feeding it properly.

One of the most convenient ways to make sure that you are feeding your puppy properly is to buy an all in one dry dog food that is made for puppies.  Many people feed puppies a wet food, and it would be proper to mix some of the wet food in with the dry as long as you kept the proportions correct.  Having dry dog food, however, is a good way to ensure that your puppy is getting all of the nutrients that it requires.

You may also want to supplement your new puppy's diet in some way to ensure that it is not being shortchanged with the vitamins and minerals that it is getting.  It is especially important at this young age that they get everything that they need so that they can grow properly and still have plenty of energy to be a puppy.  You should also make sure that you are not over feeding your new puppy.  As with any dog they will usually tell you that they are hungry, even when they are not.  This can really pack on the weight and you could end up with a dog with an obesity problem which is very unhealthy for the dog.

When a puppy is small is the best time to begin training it in proper eating etiquette.  Do not let it crowd the bowl as you are beginning to feed it.  Make the dog sit and wait patiently while you fill its bowl and continue to sit until you give it the okay to eat.  Many breeds, as they get older, tend to be very possessive about their food.  If you start young in your training then you will have a better chance of having a well mannered dog later in life. 

Having a new puppy is one of the greatest joys that I've ever had in my life and watching it grow up as a part of my family just made it all the more joyful.  Make sure that you do everything that you can to take care of this new member of your family.  Feed it well, give it lots of love, and it will give you a lifetime of love in return.


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