What are digestive dog enzymes and why should you consider giving them to your furry friend


Digestive enzymes are these specialized proteins produced by the pancreas of your dog, that fulfill different purposes within its body. They basically break down the food the pet eats into smaller components that can be used to create the energy they need for running around and being adorable.

Enzymes sources other than the pancreas can also be the food the dog eats, or from supplements, and they not only help with the energy resources, but they also strengthen the dog’s immunity, help with inflammation and the mood of your pet. They are indispensable in all senses.

Why should you give your pet enzymes, you ask? Well, the short answer is because the food that’s available right now on the market lacks them. Processed food is poor in vitamins and digestive enzymes, but rich in fats and sugars, which only strain the pancreas that can’t deal with all of that food on its own.

What’s even worse is that most dog food is prepared with heat, which further destroys the specialized proteins. And that creates a vicious circle that upsets the stomach of your furry friend and that irritates its bowls.

And that’s why an external source of enzymes is preferred to avoid symptoms such as flatulence, constipation, diarrhea and bloating. In the long-term, those can lead to more serious diseases and even to extreme weight loss, in some cases.

That’s why it is important to prevent those symptoms by adding this kind of supplement to their diet. Go for the ones that offer a complete spectrum of enzymes so you can improve not only the absorption of the nutrients, but also improve your companion’s health and the immune response when fighting bacteria.

And if you want to improve the well functioning of the digestive system of your pet, look out for supplements that have in their composition probiotics. These help out the damaged intestinal flora, by feeding and replacing the bacteria in there, so the intestine can absorb all the nutrients and the water the dog ingests.

If you start adding these products to the diet while the pets are young, no matter if we talk about dogs or cats, you can ensure that they grow up healthy, and that they develop without issues, because the enzymes guarantee they can break down everything into amino acids and other elements the body needs in order to create cells. This is a website that has all the premium digestive enzymes for dogs, for you to choose from.

So do dogs actually need enzymes? The answer to that question is yes. They do, because the modern diet doesn’t allow them to get enzymes from raw meat and other things like that. And their tiny pancreases can’t keep up with the demand. Thus, it’s your job as a concerned owner to make sure your pet is healthy and well fed and taken care of.


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